I have three best friends. The three best friends in the whole entire world. Recently, these three best friends of mine have either left me or come home to me. The coming home stuff is really happy. The leaving stuff... not so much. But it's all for really good reasons, so that makes it a little easier on me.

Lindsay Kirksel Matheson
She's the one that came home. She was gone for such a long time. I managed to last a WHOLE summer without her. She really is my best friend and we've had some seriously good times together.

This was the day we got home from our LAST year at Girl's Camp. We were super sunburned and tired, but decided to go to a party at Evergreen. Then, we left early and went and got Cold Stone. Our signature.

This is when we went to Olive Garden with Ju and Holy. I think we took this picture 87 times because we didn't like it the first 86 times.

Wanna know how we met? It was in the 7th grade. We had Speech and Drama together and somehow this girl named Lindsay heard I was a pianist. One day she came up to me and said "Hey. I heard you were a pianist. So am I!" And I thought. "Weirdo..." Then I had to interview her and I had to talk super loud because her hearing was super bad... old woman. Then she came to one of my piano competitions and I was crying because I hadn't played very well and she came up to me and I thought "Why is this girl here? I don't even know her!" Well, then we became friends and guess what! She was a pianist. A really good pianist. So senior year of high school we went on choir tour to DisneyLand and we won these awards for being awesome pianists. Moral of the story, if a girl comes to one of your piano competitions and wants to talk to you when you're crying, let her. She's probably super nice.

She's my best friend. Deal.

Abigilian Richards
She used to get super mad when I called her that... hopefully she's over it.
She left me. Went to school. A long ways away. See, when I left, I only went 25 minutes down the road so I could come home and be her parental figure on weekends. But no, she had the audacity to go all the way to Cedar. Gosh, Abby. Thanks.

When Abby and I were little, we didn't like each other very much. Once, she threw a shoe at me and I ducked and it hit the shutters behind me and broke them. Sorry, mom. Well, in high school we decided to become the best of friends. Best decision we ever made.

Abby and I have oodles of fun together. This particular time Abby jumped on my back right when somebody took a picture. I almost fell over. Semi-frightening. But don't you fret, this is one adventure we did manage to survive.

It's funny, because we don't really look alike. People usually mistaken her for older than myself. So what she's five inches taller than me. We don't really like the same things either. She likes to pull people's teeth out, I like to teach little eight year olds how to play their major scales. She hasn't seen her natural hair color in years, I've vowed never to cover mine up. She likes the color orange, and I really, really don't.

We may be crazy, but at least we wear our seatbelts, right?

Elder Austin Keith Woodfield
Yes, you heard that right. Elder.
This dear person also left. He's going really far away for a really long time. But it's for, perhaps, the most important reason ever - to serve the Lord. Guatemala City is a seriously lucky place to be getting this boy for two years.

Prom senior year. We went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point, got rained on, saw maybe 16 zillion tulips and watched Tanner cut his hand trying to scale a rock wall. Austin drove the COOLEST Range Rover of all time and it beeped at us every time we got too close to the car in front of us. Then my dress decided to malfunction and I didn't wear my shoes the whole night. Best night of my life.

We were in a capella choir junior year together and then in chamber choir senior year. Me being a soprano and he being a bass, we could see each other from either end of the choir. We had a bad habit of wincing at each other every time something was out of tune. For the whole audience to see. Oops.

We like to sit in movie theaters after the movie is over until the cleaning person kicks us out. The most common word spoken in an everyday conversation ssh. He knows exactly how I like my ice and I know when he's not flexing. I got him his one and only purple tie and he bought me seaweed for my birthday. He draws me mazes and I fit under his chin. And we're both incredibly CDO.

Blink of an eye, elder.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world. I have the three greatest best friends anyone could ask for. I'm sorry that I take you guys for granted sometimes. You mean the world to me.


stephen && heather

see these two people?

they're getting married 20 days.
i couldn't be more excited.