today we played QUIDDITCH

The 5th grade classroom I'm student teaching in is Harry Potter themed.
Can you say meant to be?

We have houses, house points, Howlers, Sorcerer Stones, a Sorting Hat.

We say Wingardium Leviosa, and Disapparate regularly. 

And today, we played Quidditch.

Well, Quidditch for 5th graders. We even had Bludgers, Snitches, Keepers, Seekers, and Beaters.

But WAY better than Harry Potter:

The 5th grade classroom I'm student teaching in is complete with 24 fabulous 10 and 11 year olds.

Today Aubreye said, "Thank you for teaching me that, Ms. Richards." (Referring to fractions, of course.)
Osvaldo saved the note I wrote him about his awesome haircut the other day.
Savier double checked that he had grabbed his math homework to do over the weekend.
Angel is getting better at calling me Ms. Richards rather than teacher.
Bode got 90% on his math test last week.
AJ says, "I'm on FIRE!" every time he gets a math problem right.
German just has the cutest, highest voice ever.
No one killed each other during inside recess yesterday.
Jennyfer stays in at recess to work on math with me.
Two students asked me if they're allowed to nominate student teachers for the teacher of the year award.

I'm obsessed with teaching.