a friendly piece of advice

because you are all my friends, i thought i would share with you something i learned the hard way. this way, you don't have to go through it. believe me, you'll thank me one day.

don't spill water on your computer.


little turd

starts with "uh, hey"
ends with "lequiero mucho"

little turd


... since the 7th grade

So, she and I tell people we've been best friends since the 7th grade.
That may or may not be true. Actually, it's not true.
We met in the 7th grade, but didn't become "best friends" til the 8th grade.
Regardless, we've been besties for a long time.

Yesterday, she was sealed for time and all eternity to her knight in shining armor.
It was such a happy day and they both had enormous smiles on their faces all day long.
I'm so grateful she found such a great guy that makes her so happy.

I'm gonna miss my roommate, but I'm ever so grateful for what a
positive influence she's been in my life.

I love you, Kirk.