Room 39

Sure, I call Thomas and Tomy the wrong names on a regular basis and I definitely called Dany Andy the other day.
I almost forgot to go bring them in from recess yesterday.
And sometimes I talk way too fast and they all look at me with blank faces.

But Helen stood up in front of the whole class and spoke so everyone could hear her.
Dany AND Santi came up to the board and did a math problem yesterday.
Alondra answered a question in front of the whole class.
Allan hardly needed any help with the math assignment yesterday and Ammon didn't need any.
Turns out Andres likes my new attention signal.
Thomas talks to me about baseball and football on a regular basis.
Edith likes to come in during recess to work on math.
Dallas didn't give me one evil glare yesterday.
JT finally gave up on trying to prove that he can write sideways better than I can.
Lizabeth volunteered during math two days in a row.

And last, but certainly not least.
We had perfect attendance yesterday.


Mrs. Leinweber, Diet Coke, and Winnie The Pooh

Guys, I just turned in my last assignment due until December.
And then I realized today that I only 8 more days of class as a BYU student.


Cool cool beans beans.

Starting tomorrow and for the next four weeks, I get to hang out with sixth graders all day.

Those poor kids are going to have to put up with a very nervous, very excited, very nervous teacher who wants to take lots of pictures. It's gonna be great.



All I want to do is watch baseball. ALL OF THE TIME.


Multnomah Falls

The perfect way to end our weekend in Oregon.
Multnomah Falls.

ps. From now on, I think I'll pump my own gas, thanks.


do you have any voids?

8 times. On average, I ask this question 8 times on any given closing shift of the bookstore.
And always in the same order:

1. Service Desk
2. Text Info
3. Cougar Tech
4. Twilight Zone
5. North West
6. North East
7. Pack N' Ship
8. Children's

Which I like. It's routine. I like routine.

I also walk around the store the same way. Every. Single. Time.

Stop at the Service Desk. Unlock the drawer. And probably stop and chat with India for a second.
Cross the top floor over to the Text Info Desk. And probably stop and chat with Morgan for a second.
Round the corner and into the Cougar Tech. And probably stop and chat with Scott for a second.

Down the stairs in between Religious Book and the Candy Counter into the Twilight Zone. And probably stop and chat with Alisa and Alayna for a second.
Through General Book and over to the North West. And probably stop and chat with Lauren for a second.
Diagonal through Men's and over to North East. And probably stop and chat with Maren for a second.

Toward the Candy Counter, take the stairs, down the hall, and into Pack N' Ship. And probably don't stop and chat with anyone. Unless Jake or Parker are working.
Back out the floor (probably stop and chat with Hannah for a second at the framing desk).
Around to Children's. And probably stop and chat with Mariana for a second.

It's a good routine.


confessions of a workaholic

first graders are the scariest of people.

i ate four peaches today. one for breakfast, one at lunch, and two at dinner.

growing out your bangs is hard.

i want to learn how to take really good pictures.

part of me is a little bit sad that i'll never watch mariano rivera pitch again.

when i was little i wanted to grow up to be a cashier.

i have five game days t-shirts. i only paid for one of them.

somedays i don't feel cut out to be a teacher. today was one of the those days.

i miss practicing.

i've been craving milk lately. i've never craved milk in my entire life.

most days i wish i was a wedding planner.

life is really scary sometimes.



One of my favorite days.

I cannot get enough of this kid.

Some days I really want to move to Dallas to be with Kirk and Paul Anka.


My family is top notch.

I know I've said it before. But I have THEE greatest friends.

I've learned a lot of things this summer. The least of which is not that I will never work at Cold Stone again.

Sorry, got side tracked there for a second.

I've learned a lot of things this summer. At the very top of the list: PEOPLE. Spend time with them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Talk with them. Be stupid with them. Make memories with them. Take pictures of them. Take pictures with them. Be with them. Love them.
I have been overwhelmed by the incredible people in my life and I thank the Lord every day for them and the wonderful blessing they are to me. I wish I could spend more time with all of them. It's another one of my recent goals. I'm always the very happiest when I'm with the people I love.

I hope you have some gems like these in your life.