there's nothing quite as beautiful
as a baby falling asleep in your arms

love this little boy


even if it's the miserable half

some days i wish i was elizabeth bennett

i'd like to walk to derbyshire
paint tables
write letters
read books
practice the piano
embroider cushions
"take a turn about the room"
shop for ribbon
go to balls
fall in love with mr. darcy

wouldn't that be lovely? :)


pride & prejudice

watched it twice this weekend, peeps.
i think i'm in love.


delta confirmation

take off in Salt Lake City
layover in Seattle
layover in Amsterdam
arrive in Budapest
14 days of observing the great elementary music education of all time
quick flight from Budapest to Manchester
5 days in Huddersfield, Belper and London with my mommy
back to SLC via Detroit.


please enjoy this stunning picture of the Chain Bridge in Budapest.