Room 39

Sure, I call Thomas and Tomy the wrong names on a regular basis and I definitely called Dany Andy the other day.
I almost forgot to go bring them in from recess yesterday.
And sometimes I talk way too fast and they all look at me with blank faces.

But Helen stood up in front of the whole class and spoke so everyone could hear her.
Dany AND Santi came up to the board and did a math problem yesterday.
Alondra answered a question in front of the whole class.
Allan hardly needed any help with the math assignment yesterday and Ammon didn't need any.
Turns out Andres likes my new attention signal.
Thomas talks to me about baseball and football on a regular basis.
Edith likes to come in during recess to work on math.
Dallas didn't give me one evil glare yesterday.
JT finally gave up on trying to prove that he can write sideways better than I can.
Lizabeth volunteered during math two days in a row.

And last, but certainly not least.
We had perfect attendance yesterday.