One down.. four to go..

So, freshman year is officially over. I finished up my last assignments this morning and I packed up my entire room and took half of it home. It's really over. I can't believe how fast it went. I've met incredible people, endured incredibly hard classes, and had an incredible amount of fun! Living in Heritage Halls has been as blast, but I'm definitely not going to miss the dorms. Foxwood next year, baby! We'll have cupboard space in the kitchen, and CARPET! Oh carpet, how I've missed you. Freshman year out of the way, over, done, the end. Four more years and it's over forever! I can't believe it. I'm already done with a whole year of college.

School's over for four months - that's the happiness. Sadness? Julie and Haley left today. Me and Kirk are leaving tomorrow. And then Kirk's gonna be gone for the whole entire summer. The WHOLE thing. Like all of it. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do without my bestest friend in the whole entire world... but I guess I'll survive.

Also, MY BROTHER'S GETTING MARRIED!!! To the most wonderful girl in the whole word. I couldn't be happier! I do happy dances randomly just because I'm so excited. September 3 is the day and tomorrow I'm going to try on bridesmaid dresses with my sisters. It's happening: my brother's getting married. Ah! I'm so happy.

Don't Stop Believing that the Boston Red Sox will clean up their act and win the
World Series this year.


i love..

So, I've always wanted to make a big long list of all the things I love most. Unfortunately, that list will never end. But, I started it anyway. It's a work in progress..

i love
smiling : laughing : saying a word so many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore : the boston red sox : skiing : campfires : burt's beeswax : coasters : cold stone : 11:11 : laughing so much my stomach hurts : my saladmaster machine : roommates : grandma's house : the noodle : priest lake : picture frames : rain boots : flipflops : sushi : trying new things : ice : choir tour : weddings : baseball : a whole day to do nothing : having a really good piano lesson : cleaning checks : getting weird looks from people you don't know : the smell of rain : BYU football : waking up and not getting out of bed just because you can : easter egg hunts : being happy for no reason : five dollar movies from walmart : freshly painted toenails : castle : listening to a mix so much that when you hear a song from it, you know what is supposed to come next : granola : little sisters : older sisters who speak in french randomly : really smart older brothers : mom's cheese enchiladas : monica's recipes : sitting cross-legged : taking ugly pictures : going crazy at dances : girl's night out! : cut-off shorts
Don't Stop Believing that winter semester will someday end..


I'm being forced

So, I'm being forced to create this blog by my two wonderful rooommates Holly and Lindsay. I'm definitely not a blogging kind of person, but we're going to be all over the country the summer and we want to stay connected and apparently facebook just isn't fun enough. So, here I am, making a blog.

Don't Stop Believing that someday Utah will have normal weather.