Three days ago, this boy hit his halfway mark in the mish.

Anyone can tell how happy he is to be in Guatemala serving the Lord. Every letter he never fails to mention how much he loves his mission. In his words:

"I LOVE my mission and I have said it a billion times, but it's because it is true. I will never stop saying it, you will probably here me say in a billion more times, but I really do. I love being a missionary and putting my all into serving the Lord."

I could not be more proud of him right now.


peace out

goodbye, provo.

i won't miss you.



next on the list -

have my own classroom.
full of colorful scissors.
and paper.
and pencils.
and crayons.
and markers.
and children.

i'm positive this will happen someday, it's just a matter of graduating first... oh hello longest degree ever known to man.