homemade corn dogs

It's really fun to meet someone exactly like yourself. Because then one random Thursday night you end up at JCW's in a conversation somewhat resembling a therapy session. And you learn all kinds of new things about yourself.

For instance:

I don't make very good first impressions.

Lots of people think I'm standoffish and bossy.

I have odd desires to hike and fish.

I feel really loyal to a lot of things.

Some of them are good things to be loyal to. And others... not so much.

And something that I already knew:

I have THEE greatest friends.



I don't particularly like surprises. Okay, I like them when they are a LEGIT surprise. But Christmas and my birthday? The WORST. I hate the anticipation of something you know is coming, yet you don't know what it is. Hence, why I peek at my birthday presents, my Christmas presents, and everyone else's. :)

However, I LOVE surprising other people! So, this past weekend I took a quick trip to Texas to visit my very favorite pregnant lady and hear her senior violin recital. I was going to show up at 1:30 in the morning and completely surprise her, but somebody's husband spilled the beans 45 minutes before I landed... It's okay, Jonny, we still love you.

I seriously had a blast with this lovely woman.


Oh, and Jonny and I are officially friends. Yay for seeing each other for the fourth time in the flesh.