not the best day ever..

So, today could have definitely gone better.

I got in a car wreck this morning. It was my fault. I rear-ended a lady.

I was on my way to work. I was on 7th East in Salt Lake at 13th South. I must have dozed off or checked out for like 5 seconds or something because I don't remember anything. The last thing I remember specifically noticing was going through the 21st South light. I know I didn't fall asleep because I made it all the way through the next light staying in my lane. I figure the 13 South light had been red and had just turned green and the lady in front me was just speeding up. The front my car went right underneath hers and killed my hood, front bumper, grate and radiator. I was only going about 30, maybe less, but it did some serious damage to my car. Luckily she was a very nice woman and wasn't really mad. Of course she was a little annoyed - I hit her car, but she called the police and he came. Luckily again the police man was very nice and helped me a lot. I signed a ticket for "failure to lookout" basically saying I'm guilty of hitting this woman, but I'm not guilty of falling asleep at the wheel. My ticket is $120 - then I have a $1000 deductible on my insurance, and probably $250 for the towing. But hopefully the insurance covers the towing. Oh! The best part about this story is my parents are out of the country right now. They're in the Cayman Islands with my two little sisters. So, when it happened I called my brother at home and talked to him. Then, I called my mom in the Cayman Islands (she didn't even know her phone worked) and talked to her. But, it took my brother about 45 minutes to get to me, so he called my aunt who lives in Bountiful and she helped me too.

Luckily, I wasn't hurt at all, the other lady wasn't hurt and her car doesn't look bad at all. She had to get it towed because the exhaust pipe was bent and up against her wheel, but were pretty minor damages. My car on the other hand... it looks really nice. It'll be in the shop for a little while.

I'm so lucky I had such great friends and family to help me out. I definitely would not have gotten through this day without my amazing brother. Also, my sister it handling very well the fact that I killed her car. My aunt was SO nice to drive up and help me. The other driver and the police man were as kind as could be. And, my parents have been great over the phone and through emails too. As upset as I am about this... I'm so grateful for the everything that went right today too. Nobody got hurt, the car is fixable and the insurance covers it.

Overall, it's been a rough day. But, the Lord was looking out for me and I have so much to be thankful for in the return.

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