i think it was a thursday... nope it was a tuesday

i spent the morning home alone.
i got some stuff done.
didn't get some other stuff done.
it was relaxing, but semi boring.

then i went to work.

guys, i have the best job.
especially when i work the closing shift.
because there's nothing to do.
which means i just get to talk to fabulous people all night.

seriously though.
mikelle and mckenzi and i just laughed about not so secrets that nobody knows about.

who knew danielle is majoring in geography.

apparently joe from computers isn't very nice.

justin's keep going over hours so has to show up ten minutes late to work everyday so that he won't go over anymore.

and whitney? well, she remembers every detail. the exact date. plus the day of the week. and the kind of flower. and what shift she worked that day.

also, michael's pretty much the nicest person on the planet. 

guys. i have the best job. because i get to spend it with people. and talk to them. and learn about them. and laugh with them. and i couldn't love it more.

happy summer

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  1. Haha I just discovered your blog...this is fabulous. :)