Dear Old AF High

Currently I am sitting on the floor in the Midi Lab at American Fork High School. The AP Music Theory students are taking a practice exam. I just went through the whole thing to make sure I could get all the right answers... don't worry, we're in luck.

My favorite Mrs. Warby is out on "maternity leave" with her newly adopted new-born son. I offered to help out in her AP Music Theory and Chamber Choir classes. And let me tell you, it's been a blast.

Who knew teaching theory to 17 and 18 year olds could be so much fun? Chamber Choir yesterday was a bit of chaos, but man, they are a talented bunch of kids.

Yes, Elementary Music Education is my major, and I LOVE it. But I forgot how much I love being with crazy teenagers. Unfortunately my degree only qualifies me to teach choir through 8th grade.

Masters in Choral Conducting???

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  1. do it Bethany!! That would be awesome! And you would be really, really good at it. So my vote is yes, if you're taking votes.