i love..

So, I've always wanted to make a big long list of all the things I love most. Unfortunately, that list will never end. But, I started it anyway. It's a work in progress..

i love
smiling : laughing : saying a word so many times it doesn't sound like a word anymore : the boston red sox : skiing : campfires : burt's beeswax : coasters : cold stone : 11:11 : laughing so much my stomach hurts : my saladmaster machine : roommates : grandma's house : the noodle : priest lake : picture frames : rain boots : flipflops : sushi : trying new things : ice : choir tour : weddings : baseball : a whole day to do nothing : having a really good piano lesson : cleaning checks : getting weird looks from people you don't know : the smell of rain : BYU football : waking up and not getting out of bed just because you can : easter egg hunts : being happy for no reason : five dollar movies from walmart : freshly painted toenails : castle : listening to a mix so much that when you hear a song from it, you know what is supposed to come next : granola : little sisters : older sisters who speak in french randomly : really smart older brothers : mom's cheese enchiladas : monica's recipes : sitting cross-legged : taking ugly pictures : going crazy at dances : girl's night out! : cut-off shorts
Don't Stop Believing that winter semester will someday end..

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