Planning your little sister's wedding is probably one of the greatest things in the world. 
And after who knows how many pictures, let's just say I'm super awesome at fluffing wedding dresses.

Unfortunately, when your hands are full doing satin buttons, placing center pieces, decorating cars, holding babies, greeting jillions of people etc. you don't get to take very many pictures. 
I seriously took probably 10 the whole day. 

Not to fret, she had an amazing photographer. 
Seriously can't wait for marikokayphotography.com to post pictures of their beautiful wedding.

Anyway, not really that important. 

Look how happy these two are! I'm just so thrilled for them. 

Everyone keeps asking me, "Isn't it so hard to see your little sister get married before you?" 
Silly people. 
My response, "Absolutely not." 

Sure, I'm bummed I haven't met Mr. Right yet, definitely looking forward to that day. 
But I got to sing '22' on my birthday as a very single woman. 
Abby doesn't get that enormous pleasure.

But really though, how can I not be over the moon happy for them? 
They're so perfect for each other. 
I mean, Steven shoots rubberbands at Abby. 
Somebody wins favorite brother-in-law award. 
They were sealed for time and all eternity in the temple and that's more important that anything in the world. 
I've prayed for happiness like this for my little sis my whole life and now she's got it. 
All I've got it smiles for the both of them.

Congratulations, you two. Love you to pieces.

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