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For one of my classes this semester I'm supposed to be doing some "personal writing". He told us that a blog definitely counts, as long as it's consistent. I figure this is the perfect opportunity to actually keep my blog up to date. It's been a pretty rough summer in that department.

I did TONS of fun things this summer and took a lot of pictures of all of it, so I'll eventually get all of that on here.

In the mean time, I figure I'll just give you a brief update of my life.

Jules, Kritsen, Buddy, and I all moved to Singletree! (Yes, I also think that's an incredibly stupid name for an apartment complex in Provo for single girls...) We love it and it's been a lot of fun getting to know a bunch of new people.

I'm in my last semester of classes - WOO. I start my student teaching in January and I could not be more excited. It's going to be an absolutely crazy and exciting adventure.

The gardener and the missionary are both married. It's been an interesting experience watching them both move on and make that big step in life. I'm really so happy for both of them and am grateful for the friendships that I have with them.

I've made a decision to be more positive. I've realized I say the word 'hate' far too often. I don't even know what I say it about, but I know that I say it. There's just so much good in the world I feel like I dwell on the negative a little too much. So, I am going to remove the word 'hate' from my vocabulary (except when it comes to onions, black licorice, and Alex Rodriguez).

I'm also recently addicted to The West Wing. Go watch it. You'll love it.

Go tell someone you love them.

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