I Miss Jazz Band

Two posts in one week. Say what?

Yeah, it's freaking me out, too.

Bear with me as I get used to this "consistent blogging" business.

Can I just say, I really want the iPhone 5S. I was gonna be smart and all and when I my update is available in February just get the 5. I save tons of money and still get a sweet beans phone. But guys, the 5S is too cool. I gotta have it. I want to feel like some secret agent every time I want to turn my phone on and it has to scan my thumb print. But really, though. Wouldn't that be awesome sauce?

Side note: I love football. Saturday night can't come soon enough.

Guess what I get to do tonight? Yep. Homework that was due yesterday. Go me. :)

Also, missed a phone call from a trombonist last night. Really wish I hadn't.

But more importantly. I have a new nephew. 
This is your cue to drool over the handsome baby Micah.


  1. Um...thought I was getting a post about awesome memories of jazz band with your bff. so disappointed.

  2. Beffy... I miss you and we need to play for real now. And you crack me up. :)