Do yourself a favor and read this book:

It's based on this book:

Which you should also read.

I haven't actually read the latter of the two books because I'm currently reading 7 other books.

But I already know it's wonderful.

365 Days of Wonder is just a book with an inspirational quote for every day of the year.
Some of them are anonymous. Some of them are from famous people.
Some of them are from children from across the nation.

I like to look up the precept for the day every morning. I often make my students write in their journal about the precept and what it means to them. And then we get to talk about it.

These precepts make me laugh and/or make me think a little more deeply about life.
I'm good with either.

Mr. Browne's Precept for October 17:
"Normal is a setting on a washing machine."

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